Indexing coral health status via an AI approach

Currently pursuing her Ph.D. with Université Côte d’Azur, Megan Clampitt hopes to investigate the use of automated tools for monitoring coral health. Previously, working on the Tara Pacific Expedition photo dataset during her master’s degree, Megan played a major role in generating the manual annotations for the Tara Consortium.

This project is led by the Institute of Research on Cancer and Aging in Nice (IRCAN, Pasteur medical campus), based on original data from the Tara-Pacific expedition and in collaboration with the MSI, the CRIOBE, and the Misool Foundation.

An AI-based approach will be developed and trained to automatically recognize the relevant patterns of coral health and fragility from this initial set of annotated photos. Doing so, a V0 model will be built from the 11,000+ annotated coral photos of the Tara-Pacific coral samples. This V0 model will then be optimized and improved by a combination of field investigations for longitudinal studies in different types of coral reefs (new photos and biological data) and AI work for a more effective, informative and robust training scheme.

This study will increase our knowledge both on coral ecophysiology and how to rapidly and cost effectively monitor the health of coral reefs for a better decisional process to manage and protect these ecosystems that are essential not only for ocean biodiversity but also for human health.


Megan Clampitt, PhD Student (IDEX UCA JEDI), IRCAN, Embryogenesis, regeneration & longevity Team
Tel.: +33493377739