Azzurra HPC center

Université Côte d'Azur’s new HPC cluster, named Azzurra, was launched in early 2020. The call for proposals is now open.
Azzurra aims to provide research laboratories and students throughout the University with a high quality and flexible computing platform offering high level intensive computing possibilities (CPU and GPU) and high performance storage space.
Azzurra provides UCA computing resources as part of the OPAL project.
The hardware is hosted on the site of INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée.
As a regional HPC center, Azzurra is positioned between laboratory or team computing machines, on the one hand, and national centers (GENCI), on the other.

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Technical overview

The cluster is composed of:

  • 32 CPU computing nodes for 1280 cores and 6.1 TB of memory. Each node has:  
    • Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6248 @ 2.5GHz processors, i.e. 40 cores per node;
    • 192 GB of memory.
  • 1 node for GPU computing equipped with:        
    • 4 Nvidia Tesla V100 32 GB GPU cards;
    • 2 Intel Xeon Gold 5218 @ 2.30GHz x 16 core CPUs;
    • 384 GB of memory.
  • 1 SMP type node with a large memory:     
    • 4 Intel Xeon Gold 5220 @ 2.2GHz x 18 core CPUs;
    • 512 GB RAM.
  • 80 TB of HomeDir storage (NFS).
  • 240TB of scratch storage (BeeGFS).
  • InfiniBand HDR 200Gb/s interconnection.