Mastering the methods and tools of modeling and simulation, as well those for structuring and exploiting data, presents many challenges for scientists in a variety of current and future areas of research and innovation. Thus, the UCAJEDI IDEX project has promoted the creation of the Center of Modeling, Simulation, and Interactions (MSI), which is a member of the MSO (Modeling, Simulation, Optimization) network.

MSI missions:

  • Support research projects involving modeling, scientific computing and data science carried out by the University, its components and partners, possibly in conjunction with a company or local authority.
  • Provide training for students, engineers and teachers/researchers through courses, workshops, conferences and thematic schools on modeling, scientific computing and data science.
  • Participate in leading a network of research engineers in modeling, scientific computing and data science within the University.
  • Participate in the dissemination of knowledge through open-access scientific publications, software and multimedia content.
  • Participate in the implementation of a site-wide policy for scientific computing, involving the pooling of computing resources and engineering support forces.