Thematic Expertise Centers

The MSI relies on a team of expert engineers who are seconded for a fixed period of time to core research projects, where they bring their assistance to an already established team of Université Côte d’Azur researchers and engineers.

At the end of the pre-defined period, the engineers move on to other projects to ensure a system of “rotation” that constantly renews the momentum.

Some of these experts are assigned to various thematic expertise centers requiring strong skills in modeling, simulation and interactions.

Thematic expertise centers have a degree of autonomy with respect to MSI in defining the missions assigned to their engineers. These missions are assigned by an internal strategic committee, chaired by a Scientific Director.

To meet the projects’ needs, an MSI expertise center can be set up outside MSI's premises (close to the teams that depend on its services the most), and be equipped with a specific infrastructure. This is the case with the Medical Data Laboratory, whose offices and IT infrastructure are located at the Nice University Hospital (at the Archet Hospital and Pasteur Hospital respectively).

In short, all MSI thematic expertise centers include:

  • An autonomous strategic committee, chaired by a Scientific Director.
  • A portfolio of certified projects.
  • A pool of engineers assigned to them.
  • A specific IT infrastructure, if necessary.

Thus far, three thematic expertise centers are emerging, which are dedicated to the exploitation of data from: 1) the medical field (Medical Data Laboratory); 2) the Social Sciences and Humanities, mainly economics and linguistics (Digital Humanities Laboratory); 3) the Planet and Universe Sciences (SPU).