RENOM - Networks, Spaces, and Nobility in the Mediterranean

CMMC  -  Center for the Modern and Contemporary Mediterranean, CEPAM - Laboratory for Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Cultures and Environments, and J. A. Dieudonné Laboratory

3DRNA - Dynamics of the spatial organization of the transcriptome and its role in cellular functions

Mechanical respiratory physiotherapy: optimization of targeted pulsation therapy

LungMark - Biological and radiological biomarkers for the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases

Rho-estimation: from theory to practice

J. A. Dieudonné Laboratory and IPMC  – Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Effect of resonances on averaging in optimal control applied to space mechanics

PREDISCENT - Numerical models for predicting smell and emotion from chemical features

Blood flow modeling in arteriovenous fistulas

Nice University Hospital - CHUN  and J. A. Dieudonné Laboratory

DeepAdas - Use of neuronal networks in autonomous driving

LAN - Lowest Airfares Now

IPAM -Identification of parametric equations of walking

Numerical modeling of the respiratory system, based on pediatric data

J. A. Dieudonné Laboratory  and Lenval University Hospital (CHU Lenval)