MSI training activity does not stop!

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Published on July 17, 2020 Updated on July 17, 2020

Due to current lockdown measures to fight against the spread of COVID-19, the MSI is deploying its training activities online.

Please mark your calendar for the following MSI seminars:

Thursday June 4th at 10am: Evolution of Complexity, a Modeling Exploration, by Prof. Guillaume Beslon (Inria Antenne Lyon, BEAGLE Team)

Thursday, June 18 at 2 pm: Detecting Aberrant Expression in RNA-seq, a Hands-on Tutorial through Bioinformatics Tools and Workflows, by Dr. Holger Prokisch (GENOMIT Scientific Coordinator) and Vicente Yépez (TUM, Munich)

Further information on the content of these seminars and how to register is available on the seminars' webpage.

The 35 hour online training course "R for transcriptomic data" has just been completed. It was attended by 26 researchers from IRCAN. Participants learned how to analyze RNA-seq sequencing data from raw data to functional analysis, including how to use the R packages (Rsubread, DESeq2, NOISeq, EnrichmetBrowser and TCGAbiolinks), as well as the Galaxy tool.

Do not hesitate to contact Silvia Bottini (MDLab Operational Manager) to discuss your training needs on bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data, and/or for a new session of "R for transcriptomic data".