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Published on September 20, 2021 Updated on October 5, 2021

Following the HPC training courses offered last September, and in order to plan new ones, the MSI invites you to participate in a survey

The new academic year has just started with a focus on HPC training by the MSI, which recently organized four days dedicated to OpenMP and GPU in partnership with IDRIS. These specialized courses attracted a multidisciplinary audience from the LJAD, InPhyNi, Géoazur and I3S laboratories, as well as from the IPMC, Skema Business School and Inria SAM. They followed a one-day course designed for non-computer science PhD students. Its goal: help them use an HPC computing cluster and in particular Azzurra, the computing center co-administered by the MSI and the DSI (Computer System Department) of Université Côte d'Azur.

Are you interested in other courses on computing (MPI, OpenMP, GPU, Machine Learning, etc.)? Don't hesitate to let us know your training needs by filling in a short survey.

Contact: centre-calculs.cs@univ-cotedazur.fr


Feedback from two participants to the OpenMP and GPU courses

Chao Liang, Postdoctoral Scholar at the Géoazur Laboratory (OCA):

“Skills learned in these training are directly applicable to my research and in optimizing my own code. In addition to the training material, the instructors also gave generous suggestions and serious thoughts about how to optimize my own code. In 4 days, I learned so much not only about the libraries for HPC but also the hardware, the knowledge of which is also important in achieving better performance in our program. I really hope more training on HPC would be given in the future and more research…”

Michel Orsi, PhD student at InPhyNi:

“La formation a été simplement parfaite. Les formateurs étaient très compétents et clairs dans les explications. Le cours a été pensé avec un parcours très pédagogique qui nous a permis de bien suivre et apprécier : en partant de l'utilité de OpenMP et de ses aspects généraux nous sommes arrivés à des fonctionnalités plus profondes et pointues. Aussi, des exercices nous ont été proposés tout au long du cours pour appliquer les connaissances acquises : on avait le temps d'y travailler seuls et ensuite d'en discuter avec les formateurs de façon dynamique. De mon côté, je fais du calcul scientifique et j'ai donc besoin de toujours optimiser au mieux mes codes ; je vais sûrement utiliser ce que j'ai appris dans ce cours. Merci aux formateurs pour leur temps et aux organisateurs pour cette opportunité ! J'attends avec hâte d'autres formations !”